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Monsoon Wall Banner Frame

Wall-mounted banner frame system with easy push-fit assembly. Graphic is secured with looped bungees.

Banner printed onto 440gsm PVC with hems and eyelets all round.

Replacement graphics easily ordered and installed.

Beaufort scale: 5 (18-24mph/29-38kph).

NEED ARTWORK? Add it here.

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Overall Width2000mm3000mm
Overall Height1000mm1250mm
Eyelets in Graphic88
Artwork/Graphic Width1840mm2840mm
Artwork/Graphic Height840mm1090mm


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    Downloads and Files

    Monsoon 1840mm X 840mm (Medium) Template2.8mb
    Monsoon 2840mm X 1090mm (Large) Template2.8mb
    Spec-Sheet Monsoon Outdoor-Frame0.2mb