Branding From Muirmedia


If your company is just starting up, or if you’re an established name in need of a design overhaul, this package will create a carefully crafted, eye-catching new look that will put your competition in the shade – all at an affordable price. Projecting a professional, trustworthy and reliable image is crucial and good quality branding can do that for you.

We’ll work closely with you to create the look your company needs to succeed and impress. After an initial meeting to discuss your detailed business requirements, we will create two brand new custom-made logos for you to choose from. A tweak here and a colour change there and your new brand will be let loose to impress existing clients and attract new customers into the fold.

It’s a fairly simple process: we will ask you to supply us with the company name, tagline (if applicable), and colour preferences, as well as two to three examples of other business logos that have caught your eye. We will then use that information to create your two bespoke logos. Choose one, tweak, and we’re ready to go. The next step is to design your stationery, signage, website and social media artwork. Your business is now branded and it’s ready for the big wide world!

You will receive a copy of the logo in .png file for use on your website and Muirmedia will keep a copy of the vectorised logo on file for future design work.

Branding Pricing

Small Business Start-up (e.g. Hairdressing/Beauty Salon 1-4 employees) – Branding package starts at £69

Small Business Rebrand (e.g. Hairdressing/Beauty Salon 1-4 employees)  – Branding package starts at £69

Medium Business Rebrand (e.g. Restaurant/Solicitors 4+ employees) – Branding package starts at £99

Corporate Business Rebrand (e.g. Call Centre 10+ employees) – Branding package starts at £99

Basic Starting Price includes 2 bespoke logos and x3 alterations to one chosen design - Alterations beyond that will be charged at £5 per change.

Branding Notes

The prices above are based on the client giving a full & concise design brief before commencing work, this gives us the best possible chance of 'getting it right first time'. 

We can not work on a 'Just come up with something' basis, this approach is guaranteed to cause issues, The client must have a clear idea of the direction they want to go in.

The prices above are based on a 4 hour design process - any alterations on the design from the client side will incur a charge of £5 for each change. 

As we have a constant heavy workload clients are asked to bear in mind that we need to keep the turnaround times on branding to a minimum, therefore we have introduced a maximum design time of 1 week.

Muirmedia Branding Philosophy

Simple and memorable – these themes are at the heart of good branding. Clients often come to us with big, complex ideas for logo designs but, while this might seem like the best way to make an impression, they rarely work in practice. A good logo should create an instantly recognisable image that sticks in people’s minds. Think about some of the biggest names out there: Coca-Cola, Sony, Nike, McDonalds, Apple, Google. Ethics aside, one thing they do have in common is that their logos are, you guessed it, very simple and instantly recognisable.

Muirmedia’s branding philosophy follows these basic rules, keep it simple, keep it bold, make it memorable.

  • Renfrewshire Leisure

    I’ve had the pleasure of supplying Renfrewshire Leisure with most of their design and print needs since 2011.

    To coincide with Renfrewshire Leisure taking on the responsibility of Renfrewshire’s cultural buildings - Paisley Town Hall, Paisley Museum etc. The need was there to rebrand to encompass these new elements so with many meetings and variations of the branding behind us the final logo was chosen. There’s not much chance of walking through anywhere in Renfrewshire without seeing sight on this logo!


  • AJ Moore

    Muirmedia has finally went international… Andy Moore, A good friend of mine, had emigrated to Canada some years back with his family, After a few years of working as a Carpenter/Joiner on major building projects in Alaska, Andy made the decision to go it alone providing high end carpentry in the home renovations market.

    Andy was keen to show his proud Scottish roots in his Branding so I coupled the Moore Tartan with a simple house and letter ‘M’ to create a classy logo. Judging by some of the photos on his Facebook page he has a lot of very satisfied customers. The standard of work is excellent!


  • Harrods Dry Cleaners

    Adil Khan was referred to me by a previous client, he was opening a high end dry cleaners in Bridge of Weir, Renfrewshire. He had approached another design company but felt the artwork never matched the image he wanted to portray so he came to me with his ideas and a logo already sketched out… easy one!

    I tidied up his logo and rolled with it. Flyers, Business Cards, Large Format Artwork and promotional banners followed. Glad to hear he the business is doing well.


  • Nest Estate Agents

    Lyndsay Robertson was referred to me by Colin from Xtensive, Lyndsay was starting up her own Estate Agents company in Falkirk having been in the industry for a good number of years. I loved the name ‘Nest’ from the start… I had loads of ideas for the logo. Lindsay wanted it to be vibrant and fresh so I used the lime green against the blue/grey background for the logo and it worked a treat!

    Nest has been operating for around a year now and I’m happy to say that Lyndsay has made the business flourish. Wether that is down to good branding, a great website Lindsay’s fabulous personality… who’s to say


  • A-Cakes

    Ashleigh at A-Cakes needed branding for her Cake-making business, I set to work following her brief of using pinks and greys with a feminine, floral theme.

    Ashleigh was delighted with the end result. Business Cards, Flyers and posters followed with building the website… check out these cakes, they are pretty amazing!